Voyage de papier en 3D (A 3D paper journey)

A 3D paper journey
With a secular tradition, paper offers an unextinguishable source of inspiration, characterized by its ingenious shapes, colours and deep symbolic associations
Here's a way to travel within a course just as well as this material did have a journey
Create bowls, plates, small cups by embossing and giving volume to dipped paper sheets. Thanks to unusual items made of metal, plaster, glass or cardboard, impression-taking is achieved. This course is 3D oriented only. It does not include the paper pulp crafting techniques, this base material will already be prepared for you to wholly enjoy the fun of giving volume
Participants Min 4 | Max 6
The workshop stays open during lunchtime for the fascinated, otherwise take a picnic
Work coat or old clothes are recommended
Price | Fr. 250.- a day materials included


Lessons are given exclusively in french
One day course
08:30- 12:00 | 13:00-16:00
On request according to your availability