Voyage de papier en 2D (A 2D paper journey)


A 2D Paper journey
Travel within a course as well as this material has travelled. Rooted in a long tradition, paper offers an endless source of inspiration. Relaxing time, and a raise of the environmental awareness
Discover various paper crafting methods : recycled paper, cloth, and plants cooking. Natural pigments based paper pulp coloration. Sheeting, lamination, drying process. All in one day to allow to do it yourself at home thereafter
Participants Min 4 | Max 6
The workshop stays open during lunchtime for the fascinated, otherwise take a picnic
Work coat or old clothes are recommended
Price | Fr. 250.- a day | Materials included

Lessons are given exclusively in french
One day course
08:30- 12:00 | 13:00-16:00
On request according to your your availability