Camille von Deschwanden: plural and visionary art
With blue eyes, the swiss Camille von Deschwanden exercises multifaceted and protean talents in parallel : clay and bronze sculptures, paper crafting art,
contemporary installations thanks to the reuse of objects
This visual artist freely handles the most noble material as well as the poorest attesting varied inspirations and natural eclectism
Her expression reveals the tensions and inner beauties occuring deep down in her creative soul
Perfect sense of techniques, sharp perception in the material research field, dynamism, passion: here are some of the elements likely to give a full sensuality
to the essence of her creation, to the free flow of her visionary compositions. One might speak of a high subtlety, of a language filled with suggestions and
emotions. The visitor finds himself dealing with true bliss and - by a mirror effect - projecting himself onto his own fantasies 



Visual artist | Paper maker
Curriculum Vitae
Camille von Deschwanden born on the 4th of july 1969 in Fribourg. Free lance gallery owner in her hometown from 1993 to 2009. Teacher in her gallery and various schools and educational institutions 
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