"ML XIV" Discover me, admire me, meringue me...

Meringue, did you say meringue ? Paths in art are unexpected. On the occasion of an exhibition in Strasbourg where I had planned to do egg-white based tempera paintings, I found myself with more than 100 unused egg-whites. I had imagined to offer this raw material to potentially concerned friends. (Pastry cooks and other food industry people), but fate would have it that I was left with all these egg-whites in my hands. My gruyerian human nature took over : what if I cooked meringues ? And hey, what if I illuminated my shells from within ?
Have you ever seen a meringue, really ? Opalescent brain, Nervy veins, Frozen smoothness, hieratic brittleness : the meringue is a world of its own, before it melts in your mouth. The urge to work with what constitutes a part of the swiss identity emerges.
For the world to recognize the beauty and eeriness of the meringue, it has to journey, become visible, get in touch with other cultures. For this to happen, I decided I would be the Meringue Ambassador

Meringue shooting photo pour dossier de presse
Meringue Abstratction
Meringue Abstratction
Meringue Abstratction